So I just got some highly-awaited stuff in the mail today! (and then took some pictures of said stuff YEAH)

Zektbach pins: Already had Malchut technically but she gets to join in the picture just because. Only missing Gijiri and Matin now because of being out of stock ;n; (incomplete masinowa trio and BJ twin sets oh nooo…) I’ll find them one day…. orz

they should do another pin set and it should include A’milia, yep. definitely. i think that would be totally gr8 and a good plan.

Zektbach Masinowa poster: This is a purchase that just kind of… happened…. it has my favorite Zektbach characters and it’s MAYA and I was already making a Konamistyle order so why the hell not. I guess I’ll have to hang this up on my wall right?? hopefully I’ll actually get to that one day

Beatmania IIDX11 IIDXRED OST + bonus calendar: So I discovered the first edition of this came with a calendar with MAYA ART?? That is not in the artbook??? OBVIOUSLY MEANS I HAVE TO HAVE IT but I’m not even going to try to kid anyone as regardless of artbook presence I would’ve sought out and bought the shit out of this anyway. I just think Killer should’ve been on the previous month instead…. because my birthday’s in August

Beatmania IIDX13 DistorteD OST visual book: More Maya artwork in here, this time most of this art I hadn’t even seen until I got this book in my hands!! A watercolor painting of Vanisher, a whole bunch of sketches/concept drawings (!!!!), and that GORGEOUS illustration of her DistorteD characters together (this one is in the artbook too!)?? dfkglsgsddjkfs


I’m so glad that’s all

also I want a maya sketchbook

… oh, this also came with some CDs I guess /shot I swear I did want both of these OSTs anyway…… my purchasing priorities are just… incredibly transparent. that’s all. that’s all


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